Writing a Dissertation Literature Review

What Is the Literature Review of a Dissertation?

Before writing your dissertation paper, you will have to conduct a literature review to properly analyze all the available scholarly information about the topic you are working on. This literature review will determine if your paper is credible and relevant. It is the first step in creating a book report or any other academic writing. To show the relevance of the available information, the tutor will need to evaluate and comment on the literature you collected during the study. As you write the literature review in the course of writing your dissertation paper, make sure to always apply the most relevant information, which should be supported by the sources cited. In this case, you will be required to review all the sources used, including reports and dissertations.

Steps in Writing a Literature Review

We will now go through some of the crucial steps that are involved in conducting a literature review.

Thorough Analysis of All Sources

Your literature review must find out the relevance of the articles, research projects, case studies, and dissertations you have used in the writing process. Additionally, the literature you analyze must support your thesis statement. All the sources you locate must show the relevance of the information that you are handling.

Outline Your Literature Review

It is highly recommended to compose a clear outline for your writing before beginning. In outline, include all the components of your dissertation literature review. A literature review outline is essential because it helps you keep track of everything you need to include in your writing. An outline will also help you to customize the outline depending on the content of your dissertation paper. With the outline in place, the writing process becomes simple because you have all the information you need within easy reach.

Get Writing Tools

As mentioned above, some of your sources for reviewing can come from other sources. Most of the sources you use will likely be academic. To learn how to write from academic sources, you can use external writing tools. However, make sure you thoroughly evaluate the tool before using it, as some may not support your dissertation or provide the value your lecturer expects.

Complete the Outline

After you have the outline down, begin writing the literature review. Start by identifying the sources used by the tutor, such as the examples provided in the course book or coursework. It is highly advised to start with the more recent source, to ensure that your report includes the most recent information. Ensure you also note all the sources used in the section on research that you plan to use.

Create an Outline

When writing your literature review, ensure you start with an outline. That way, you can stay on track and make changes in the outline later on. The outline must keep track of all the components of the writing you have covered. You also have to give it factual information, which should be in the field of study or subject.

Write the Literature Review

Finally, you will need to draft the literature review. The literature review should strive to provide a conclusive summary of what your topic study is about. It should then highlight the relevance of the information and what it shows about the research you have conducted. Finally, consider these essential tips when writing a dissertation literature review.