Teaching the Dissertation Literature Review Structure

How to Conduct a Dissertation Literature Review in Less than an Hour

The dissertation literature review is part of the paper as it provides information about studies conducted in your area of study. This section should be written professionally to ensure that the readers understand the study’s purpose before proceeding to the next step in the dissertation. Currently, the structure of a good dissertation literature review consists of three main parts:

  1. Topic sentence – A topic sentence is an essential part of your dissertation because it gives the reader the background of your study. The sentence should capture a fundamental idea that supports the thesis statement.
  2. Overview of the study – Here, you have to provide a general overview of the main points of your dissertation. This gives the audience a clear understanding of what you want them to know after reading the literature review. It should also introduce the methodology that will be used to address the study’s focus question.
  3. Assessment strategy – After giving a broad overview of your study, you have to give a solution of what is expected of you by the dissertation board. Your strategy should be specific to show how you expect the results of your study to contribute to your dissertation’s aim.

Tricks for Writing a Good Dissertation Literature Review

If you don’t know where to begin with writing a good dissertation literature review, the following are a few tips you can consider:

Understand the Topic

Before beginning to write the literature review, you should first understand the topic. This means that you have to create an outline of the relevant issues that you will tackle in your dissertation. Your topic should also be clear and make sense to the reader. After that, you should proceed to write the review by drawing on what you understand from the topic. However, you should avoid writing excessively long abstracts since this will make it difficult for the reader to understand what you are writing.


During the research phase of your dissertation, you have to do a lot of reading about your chosen topic. When searching for relevant information, you have to find information from different sources. It will be beneficial for you to go through the articles that support your study. However, you should be careful not to include too much information that you find in the published articles. It would be best if you reviewed the sources critically, looking for information that supports your topic statement.

Presenting the Literature

Once you are through with the research, you have to go through the literature and write down notes on each source. This is important since it helps you to organize your notes. Furthermore, it enables you to cite all the sources you refer to when writing your dissertation.

Revising the Literature Review

A good dissertation should have a coherent and coherent structure. After completing your writing process, you should make sure that the dissertation review is correctly written. You can outline the structure that the paper should have. As you write, make sure that you follow the structure provided in the guidelines provided by your tutors. A well-written dissertation will be informative and enable you to score top marks in your dissertation.