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1. Still shooting in Auto?

If you're feeling a little overwhelmed about all the different settings on your camera, you might get caught in the trap of leaving your camera in the automatic mode so you don't have to worry about figuring everything out. But shooting in this mode in certain situations can make your professional camera look like nothing but a cheap cell phone camera.

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2. Are friends and family your only clients?

When you're just starting out, it's great to shoot with friends or family who are willing to help you build your photography portfolio. But after a while, you might be asking yourself how you're supposed to get any else to want your services and actually pay for them.

Check out this article about the 5 Marketing Mistakes holding you back from getting more photography business.

Free Article: Why You're Not Making Money in Photography

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3. Have you made the switch to RAW?

If you're not sure what a RAW file is vs. a JPG file on your camera, you're missing out on a crucial feature of your camera that no professional goes without.

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4. Do you know how to pose people during your sessions?

Everyone knows it can be awkward standing in front of the camera and not knowing what to do. It's your job as a photographer to help your subjects look and feel more natural, and sometimes that means having several poses up your sleeve.

Free Download: 65 Posing Cards

Check out this awesome pack of 65 free posing cards to give you ideas for posing people during your photo sessions!

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5. Do you know how much you're making per hour?

It's easy to lose track of driving time, equipment costs, and hours of endless editing and social media promotion. Having an organized plan will help you map out how many hours you're really spending on each portrait session so you can discover your actual hourly wage.

We've made it easy to calculate your costs with this free hourly-wage calculator for photographers.

Free Tool: Photographer's Wage Calculator 

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6. Do you feel comfortable with Photoshop?

You'll love our most popular photoshop tutorial for overlapping exposures with a single RAW file to get the best exposure across the whole image.  Check out the awesome tutorial below. 

FREE VIDEO: Overlapping Exposures with RAW

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7. Do you know how to get a good image indoors?

Indoor settings present the most difficult lighting for any photographer, seasoned or new. Without any practice in these lighting situations, your indoor pictures will likely have motion blur, camera shake, yellow-tones, and grain. You can avoid all these problems by learning the techniques for shooting in difficult lighting.

Free Video: Tackling Indoor Lighting

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