D-Merton Case Study

How to Start a D-Merton Case Study

There are many types of cases studies. In this article, we shall look at some of the most popular among the various types. These types include:

  • D-Merton case study
  • D-Merton case study
  • Hawthorne case study
  • Niagara Falls case study

The D-Merton case study could be termed a survey case study. This type of case study examines an institution’s policies in relation to sex offenders and mental health care. The D-Merton case study is concerned with a murder investigation. As such, it provides a unique insight into crime and the justice system in general. On the other hand, the Niagara Falls case study concentrates on the local water quality that had an effect on the St. Catharines area.

In essence, these case studies are case studies that assume various stakeholders have an opportunity to offer plausible solutions to the issues highlighted. Hence, this type of study serves to showcase the advantages and grievances associated with the issues studied.

How to Begin a D-Merton Case Study

The first step towards tackling this type of case study is by setting a problem that you are confident you can solve.

Identify the Problem

It is crucial to understand the issue or problem that you intend to investigate. This will help you in gaining insight into the issue you have specified. On the off chance that you do not have a clear idea of what to do, you can carry out an in-depth analysis of the issue before choosing the most appropriate approach.

Determine the Goal of the Case Study

In most cases, the case study’s first step is usually to determine its goal. The most common goal is usually ascertaining some form of accountability. As such, you should ensure that the investigation covers not only the institution’s policy on the matter, but the legal framework as well. This will give you a better sense of whether the issue should be left to the justice system, the police, or some other form of accountability.

Do a Research on the Issue

Research on the issue will give you a more refined understanding of the issues. You should ensure that you have sufficient information regarding the law in relation to the topic. You can either conduct interviews with school staff or get records from the legal system. Either way, it is essential to conduct an in-depth analysis of the case to ensure you get both sides of the issue.

Tips for Solving a D-Merton Case Study

It would be best if you carried out exhaustive analysis of the problem in your study. At this, you should use various techniques to approach the problem. For instance, you can discuss the issues while providing a short account of your findings. The aim here is to get the school’s perspective.

On the other hand, you should also provide solutions that can lead to the institution’s ousting of the problematic employees. On this point, it is important to analyze your study’s findings to determine whether you have identified the key contributors to the problem. Finally, you must go through the research documents to confirm the answers provided.