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Does your Indoor Photography Suck?

If you're dreaming of becoming a wedding photographer, one of most important skills you're going to need is knowing how to work with difficult lighting. Anyone can take a great picture in broad daylight with some low-budget gear and photoshopping skills. But knowing how to work in low-lighting situations makes all the difference between an amateur picture like this, and a professional image like this:

low lighting examples

Problems with Low-Lighting

Low lighting indoors causes several issues: 
  • Underexposure
  • Harsh Shadows from Flash
  • Grain from High ISOs
  • Motion Blur / Camera Shake
  • Yellow toned images

Avoid all the problems with indoor lighting just by knowing how to maximize the light entering your camera.

If you're still using your camera's automatic settings, you've probably run into all of these problems with indoor lighting.

Watch this video to find out the 6 Things Your Camera Can't do on Automatic Mode.

low lighting flash examples

Learning how to optimize your camera for light means you don't want to rely too heavily on flash.

By optimizing the settings on your camera, you can capture the beautiful ambiance of the room without any expensive lighting equipment. 

low lighting examples motion blur 

To get a proper exposure in dimly lit rooms, your camera will compensate with a slower shutter, causing motion blur and camera shake. 

Switching over to Manual Mode so you can choose the shutter yourself is crucial to capturing a moving subject without any motion blur.

Watch this video to find out how the Photographer Overnight program will teach you the secrets to maximizing the light entering your camera for a more professional image indoors.  

Learn how to master Low-Lighting conditions in the Photographer Overnight program.


how to have an edge on your competition

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Up for Discussion:

Have you ever brought your camera along to a dimly-lit wedding? Leave a comment and share what you learned!

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