Photoshop Tutorial: Adding Color to a Black & White Image

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black white and blue wedding invitation

How to Create a B&W Image With a Hint of Color

Learn how to easily turn a photo black & white and bring back a pop of color with this photoshop tutorial.

Works Great for Wedding Invitation Color Schemes

Sometimes your clients will have a b&w color scheme for the wedding that includes one other color. Using this effect on the photos works well when they're looking for a consistent color scheme on the wedding invitation.  

Enjoy your free video tutorial!

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  • Dawn on

    I love your website it is easy to navigate and find different tips. Thank you for all of your great suggestions and tips.

  • Tiana on

    Such a cool idea!

  • Whitney on

    I’m just learning all of the adobe programs and I had no clue that you could do this in photoshop. I feel like I’m really going to be equipped to give my clients A1 service!

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