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Are you making more than a McDonald's employee?

Now you're rolling your eyes at me. Of course photographers make more than minimum wage right? I mean, it's a super prestigious thing to be a photographer. But now that you start thinking about it, you haven't actually taken the time to find out how the numbers all work, have you?

Have you Added Your Expenses?

How much money is that camera really costing you? You've heard the phrase "wear and tear" on your equipment, but you're not really sure how much you should charge for a shoot just to cover your expenses. What about your photo editing software? The hard drive you just purchased to make room for all these pictures? And don't forget memory cards, batteries, tripod, lenses, and all that other stuff you're hauling around in your camera bag.

How much time are you spending on a shoot?

Sure, the photo session only lasted an hour. But what about all the driving time? And the time you spent chatting with the client? Or how many hours you put into that flyer you emailed out to get more business? And then of course you're spending way too much time organizing photos on the computer, editing them, shrinking them down to put on your website, and burning DVDs. But have you ever actually accounted for all that time you're spending?

No worries. We're gonna calculate it for you.

You need something easy that will add up all your expenses and time, and calculate how much you're actually making per hour in photography. It needs to account for all the different clients you have, how much they're paying you, and how much time you're actually spending on your business on a daily basis... with no math involved.

Ready to download this awesome tool?

Our awesome hourly wage estimator does all the work for you. Simply put in your expenses and track your hours, and you'll finally identify the approximate dollar per hour you're making as a photographer.

Find out How Much You're Really Making in Photography!

Step 1. Download the spreadsheet:

Download Wage Calculator

Step 2. Open the spreadsheet

Step 3. Watch this instructional video

Are you shocked by your hourly wage?

Don't be bummed out if you're not actually making as much as you thought. The first step in making enough in photography is actually finding out where your time and money are going so you can take steps to fix it. You've already taken the first step!

Work Smarter, Not Harder

You might worry about raising your prices, or how you could handle more clients, but adding more to your work load isn't actually going to raise your dollar per hour. The most important thing you can do for your business is give yourself less work with more pay!

Not sure how to raise your hourly wage as a business owner?

Don't worry, we've got this down to an art. Our complete video training program shows you how to cut out things that don't help your business so you can work more efficiently on the things that do.

Turns out, Photography is about More than Taking Pictures

You might have seen a lot of photographers that are making money, despite the quality of their pictures. That's because they know something that others don't. Having a successful Photography Business all about knowing how to market yourself. 

Your Business is Dead Without a Marketing Plan

We take all the mystery out of marketing so you can focus on taking pictures and doing what you love.

Learn the proven secrets to making more money in photography.


how to have an edge on your competition

Watch a Video to Learn More!

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