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Don't have a professional backdrop yet?

You can still offer your clients indoor photography sessions with these simple strategies for taking pictures inside without any special equipment. indoor baby photography

1. Lifestyle Photography: Using Natural Backdrops

For a more photo-journalistic approach you can suggest doing the portrait session in the client's home where you can just capture them in the moment, in their natural environment, with no studio-style backgrounds. This type of candid photography is becoming more and more popular, and makes for some great pictures whether you're capturing family photos, kids growing a year older, or little babies. 800 px lifestyle family photo

2. Studio-Style Backdrops

If your clients prefer a studio look, you can bring along a solid colored piece of fabric or butcher paper that are easy for travel. These can be clipped to stands or, in a case where you don't have anything to clip to, they can be pinned to the ceiling with thumbtacks. My favorite colors to use for backdrops are solid black or white because they don't distract from the subject and you won't see errors in the backdrop as easily. studio backdrop

3. How to Make Your Own Fabric Backdrops

Your first option is to visit your local fabric store and get the 60 inch wide fabric. You'll want at least 3 yards of it so it can hang all the way from the ceiling to the floor. Make sure to get a thicker fabric that's not see-through for obvious reasons. You don't want anything shiny that will reflect light either, so get something dull. While 60 inches will work for vertical shots, it won't give you enough width for a standing adult in a horizontal shot, so you'll want to sew two pieces of the same fabric together, or find a fabric distributor that sells wider pieces or go with an online backdrop retailer.

Tips to Remember:

  • 1. Get at least 3 yards of fabric
  • 2. Sew 2 pieces at 60 inches wide together, or find larger custom piece
  • 3. Use thick, non-transparent and non-reflective fabric

white backdrop

4. Fabric Backdrops for Baby Sessions

If you're just using backdrops for baby sessions, smaller pieces will work fine to drape over the back of the couch with the baby laying in the soft cushions in the foreground. Fuzzy fabrics are nice for draping around, under, or in the background of of the baby. couch backdrop

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  • on

    Hey Kevin! I’m a huge fan of natural lighting and it works really well! All of the photos above were actually taken using only light from windows, except for the 2nd picture down of the family by the couch I used a mounted bounce flash directed at the ceiling with a dome shaped diffuser.

  • Tennille on

    Great info! I never even thought of joining the fabric, so simple :) thanks

  • Kevin on

    In your portrait sessions, what types of lighting do you use? I’d be shocked if your above examples were all natural lighting. Do you use much in the way of off camera flash? Off camera flash is one area I have no experience with whatsoever, and I dread using the on camera flash because of how flat and unflattering it is is.

  • sam on

    for fabric bacdrops are you saying 60 wide by 9 feet long or 120 wide by 4.5 feet long? or should I look at getting 6 yards and piecing 2 halfs together? thanks.

  • Tiana on

    As always, great tips! Have you ever gone to a client’s home, and found difficulty in finding a suitable background for photos? Some times for me it is the color scheme that is not as pleasing to the eye. any suggestions?

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