8 Tricks for a Flawless Infant Photography Session

Photography Session Tips

Baby Portraits are some of the funnest photography sessions you can do, but can also be the most difficult. With fussy babies who don't like to cooperate for a camera, these 6 tips will help your session go as smoothly as possible. If you've always wanted to take great Baby Portraits, this tutorial is for you!

How to Rock Your Infant Photography Session

infant in the moment

1. Catch baby in the first few days

The ideal time for infant pictures is in the first 4 days of life while the baby is still sleepy most of the time because you’ll have much less objection from the baby if he’s zonked out. Sleeping infants are also much easier to pose and stay posed. ;) sleeping infant

2. Make sure baby is fed and happy before you start

Infant sessions can be some of the most difficult if you have an irritable subject, especially if the mother is nursing and has to feed the baby several times during the session. I always remind the mother to feed baby just before coming in to the session and then to make sure he’s got his burps out so he’s happy and full, but not uncomfortable with gas or spewing milk all over. comfortable baby

3. Keep baby warm and comfortable

Get a space heater for the room you’ll be taking pictures in and keep the temperature over 80 degrees. This helps baby stay sleepy, especially if you’re taking off his clothes for the naked baby shots. If the room isn’t super warm, the baby will wake up and cry every time the clothes come off without fail, and sometimes it takes quite a bit of comforting to get him calmed down again. I recommend only doing one outfit for the clothed shots and do them first. swaddled baby

4. Keep Diapers On as Long as Possible

I do bare upper body shots with baby swaddled in a blanket first so we can keep the diaper on until the very end when we're ready to do the full length bare baby shots. naked baby

5. Use couches for your studio space

I drape my backdrop over the seat and back of a comfortable couch so the baby has something comfortable to lie on. Black and white backdrops work perfectly for baby pictures, and I have pink for little girls. pink baby

6. Put parents in black clothing to blend in

I usually suggest the parents wear black clothing for the pictures of them with the baby. Using a black backdrop, you’ll be able to blend their bodies into the background showing only their hands or faces, and these make some of the best black and whites. black backdrop baby

7. Start a prop collection for babies

I keep a closet of props for baby pictures that will add variety to every shoot. There are only so many pictures you can take with one subject and one backdrop, so it helps to have other options. photography baby props

8. Make Your own Tutus

These are super easy to make yourself by tying different colors of tulle around a string of elastic. And you can usually pick up wings at the dollar store. baby tutu photography

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