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Why Pose People?

Everyone knows it can be awkward standing in front of the camera and not knowing what to do. As a photographer, you'll have clients that really look to you for direction about how to stand and what to do with their hands. And that means you'll need to have a memory bank of poses to fall back on. bride pose

Need some fresh posing ideas?

If you're like me, you start to feel like you're doing the same poses over and over again, and you need some fresh ideas up your sleeve. Or better yet, on your cell phone to pull out and draw from anytime during a session.

Enjoy Your Free Download!

With these awesome downloadable posing cards you'll have 65 different poses at your fingertips. Load them into your phone and pull them up any time you're fresh out of ideas, and wallah! Discover something new to add to your photography portfolio. 650 px posing card collage download your posing cards below

Download Posing Cards


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  • Shawn Huff on

    These will come in handy. I’m gonna download these. :)

  • bmhelps on

    Hi, I am enjoying you free video’s and tips, however I am unable to download the posing cards. It says download is blocked. I have registered and also liked you on facebook. is there something else I need to do so I can download them?

  • Sofia on

    I was not able to download the posing cards even after liking you on the facebook. Looks like the facebook link does not work.

  • Jack on

    Would be awesome if you can make some standard poses for guys only and more non-wedding poses.

  • Jack on

    This is awesome. It helps being photographed as well as shooting other people. Nice to know some standard poses that look good.

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