5 Reasons Your Clients Aren't Booking with You

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There is only one difference between a photographer who's making money, and one who isn't.  And that is knowing how to get your clients to pick up the phone and book.

If you're taking amazing pictures but still don't have as many photo sessions as you've liked, Consider these 5 reasons people aren't hiring you.

1. They forgot you're a photographer.

You were pretty offended when you found out your cousin hired some stranger to shoot her wedding... until you realized she didn't even know you were a photographer. But let's face it, even after you constantly bothered friends and family with updates about your business, they still don't realize why they need your services. Why?

2. Your photography has to be about them.

The truth is people don't really care about what you do, unless it benefits them in some way. What's in it for them? They need to see the need for it. Most people are just living their crazy busy lives, so you've got to market in a way that makes their need feel urgent. After all, that infant is only going to be tiny for a few weeks, and then that time will be gone forever. They've got to capture it now.

infant in the moment

3. They don't have your information when they need it.

Even if people know you're a photographer in the back of their cluttered mind, they will most likely forget.  You've got to keep them in the loop and aware of your photography with social media or a magnet or calendar on their fridge.  You never know when they will need a photographer, but you should be the first person they think of when the time comes.

wedding clients

4. The people looking for photographers can't find you.

So you paid a lot of money to have a web designer create something spectacular. The only problems is no one's visiting your site. Having a website is like having a front door. No one is going to come knocking on your door asking if you are selling something. Strangers don't know where you live, and they don't know you're a photographer. They don't know how to find you, and your address isn't showing up on the front 5 results on Google when they search for photographers. So what do you have to do to get photography business anyway?

5. You have no idea where to start

We know it's frustrating to have a passion and a talent for photography but not be able to get any clients!  Knowing how to get your service in front of people at the right time in the right place is everything!   After you've put so much time and effort into improving your photography, learning how to market yourself is where the money is.

Let me take all the difficulties out of marketing for you!

To have a career in photography, you've got to step beyond taking nice pictures.  The only way to make any money in the industry is to find out the marketing secrets that will bring more clients to you. 

Even in a saturated market, I used a marketing plan that booked 100 photo sessions in my first year, including 23 weddings.

Watch this video to find out how you can start booking more sessions and start making more money with your photography!

Book more photo sessions with people who are looking for you! 

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  • Feroz on

    You nailed it. This information in this blog is very helpful. Many photographers find it very difficult to market themselves. More blog posts on how to market yourself can add more value.

  • Tiana on

    A fridge magnet! That is a great idea that I had never thought of! Thanks!

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