3 Guaranteed Ways to Stop Looking Like a Beginner Photographer

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We've all seen someone with a brand new camera, snapping pictures with the hopes that the camera is what makes them professional. But the more we practice with that brand new camera, the more we realize there really is more to photography than just buying a nice camera that will do all the work for you. beginner photographer difference

1. Auto Mode Won't Cut it

It may seem daunting to make the switch, but you really have to learn to shoot in Manual Mode to get the most out of your camera. This means you know how to change your f-stop (aperture), shutter speed, and ISO to expose your subject properly without letting the camera decide for you. Watch this video about why you should make the switch to manual now.

2. Switch to RAW

Your camera has the option of shooting your images at a higher quality that gives you more leverage in your editing. You're probably familiar with the default setting of shooting in JPG, but shwitching over to RAW will allows you to make dramatic adjustments to the image should they need to be fixed or improved in post processing. Watch this video that explains all the benefits of shooting in raw.

3. Edit Your Images

There's a noticeable difference between people who slap up images straight out of camera and ones who take the time to make them look great with that little extra edit. You can do so many incredible things with the editing software these days that the bar for awesome images has been raised pretty high. But most of the time all your images need is a nice color pop, contrast kick, and maybe some sharpening to look top notch. Learn how to make your photos nicer without going overboard on weird photoshopping effects that seem to be a beginner's trend. Check out our store for some great Photoshop Tutorials for portrait photographers.


Need help switching to RAW?

You will love this Video Tutorial for Shooting in RAW! 200 px raw photography box This all-inclusive training video will teach you the basics of uploading and editing your RAW files. Learn to drastically change the exposure and white balance of an entire batch of images with the click of a button, without losing any quality in your pictures. This tutorial makes the transition to shooting in RAW easy to understand, and you'll be amazed by the incredible difference you'll see in your photography.

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Feeling overwhelmed about switching to Manual?

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Discover the easiest way to take more professional looking images with your camera with our awesome Beginner's guide to taking your camera off auto! You'll love the step-by-step instructions and interactive assignments to help you get out there and get comfortable shooting in manual mode for more professional looking pictures! Rated with 5 Star Reviews on Amazon.

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  • Kevin on

    How often, if at all, do you use Lightroom? Any possibilities on a Lightroom tutorial being added to your series? Personally, I find Photoshop to be quite daunting and intimidating with just how much is possible with it. Whereas Lightroom keeps things simple and clear.

  • Dawn Brown on

    I was having trouble with manual mode and I got the " Beginners Guide to Manual Mode" video and it made it so easy to understand. Each lesson shows you what to do and then gives you examples, this is what helped me the most. Thank you!!!!

  • Cheryl Van Stockum on

    the move to RAW is next on my list….I use Lightroom 5 and some Photoshop this info will help so much!

  • Shawn Huff on

    WOW!!!!! I’m learning so much from your site. Most I know but I’m also learning a few new things as well

  • Photographer Overnight on

    I agree, Photoshop can be daunting. But I try to make it more simple in my tutorials! :) I use the free program that’s really similar to Lightroom called Adobe Camera RAW. I have a few tutorials with that program that you should be able to use with lightroom as well, but I should definitely do more tutorials with it… and maybe get around to buying Lightroom just so I can play around with it more, and do more tutorials on it of course! :)

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